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 Behind the Geek Garden Fabric and Retail 

Est. March, 2017


I am Poppy or Jen. I make clothes, lots and lots of clothes at The Geek Garden . I have 4 awesome kids between 9 and 25 (yes same dad lol) As you can see I love the gothy toons print so much that I made Cindy (my mom) alter the design for a tattoo. Mom was a professional industrial designer with a fancy pants art degree before she quit her job and joined the world of indie design. Welcome to our crazy world

How We Operate


We operate using ONLY Paypal. You buy with Paypal so you are protected, even if you use your own credit card to pay through Paypal. We are protected if your payment method fails. 


We pay for our fabric orders ENTIRELY IN FULL. We do not offer a great quantity of retail, because we pay in full at the time of order. Your fabric will NEVER be sitting at the factory waiting for final payment. This is one of the reasons we have such a quick delivery time.


PROTECTING YOUR PURCHASE: We pay for your order in full with Paypal. This costs us a bit more , but that way if anything happens at the factory level, we are all protected.


OUR DESIGNS: We generate our own proprietary designs. Most of the designs are done by Cindy, the rest are done by Jen and her husband. We may have guest artists in the future, but all of the art will be original, not clip art grabbed from the internet. And yes, we will do themes that other shops have done, but ours will be our versions. Jen and Cindy work together to approve and critique all designs, Cindy does the layout of all designs.


QUALITY: We will only purchase from a factory that has the best quality fabric. We thoroughly inspect our fabric (we might miss something, we are only human) before we ship it. Read our flaw statement in FAQ for more details.


MOQ: We will not enforce minimum order quantities for a print. If for some reason we don’t sell factory required minimum quantity, we will still order yours. We won’t make money off of that order, but we will not cancel your order.


RETAIL: Because we pay in full for fabric, we purchase only enough fabric to compensate for possible flaws. We sell off the extra good fabric or flawed fabric at a discount. We do not operate on speculation. We operate mainly on your preorders. There is a small discount for preorder fabric. If you want continuous cuts you need to preorder as we sell preorder in 1 or 2 yard cuts ONLY.


Cindy has been a business professional working with China factories SINCE 1995. Both Jen and Cindy have run their own successful online business for over 15 years. Cindy has been designing fabric and selling on Spoonflower since 2012.

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